Saturday, August 4, 2012

P-Day is Saturday at the CCM

Dear Family,  

Well, my P-Day is today on Saturdays, so be looking for letters from me today!  First off, those pictures of Jace are so freaking cute!  He is like perfect in every way!  I love all the pictures!!!  It is crazy to think that I am about 2000 miles away from you guys!  Before it didn´t really hit me that I was on a mission, because I was still in Provo, and knew exactly where I was.  Not anymore!  I am in a place as good as it gets:  Guatemala!!!!!  We got off of the airplane in Guatemala City, and the City is actually a lot more advanced than I first thought!  But, it is the city after all, I won´t be serving there!  I´ll be up in the mountains and jungles with all the natives, and I can't wait!  When we exited the airport, we put all of our luggage in a yellow school bus (classy, I know) and got in said bus and took it all the way to the MTC.  I got a window seat thank goodness, so I could look outside of the window the whole time and just take in how beautiful Guatemala is!  But we finally got the the MTC!  The MTC, or CCM as they call it here is great!  It was a little rough at first, I´ll admit, but it has gotten a lot better! I´m thinking that it was just because we were all exhausted from our 12 hour day at the airport and not getting any sleep!  But it really has been great!  We are learning a lot of Spanish here, becuase about half of the 100 missionaries here are Latino, so it really helps to talk to them and to listen to them!  I feel like my Spanish has gotten a lot better, even after 3 and a half days!  I have still got a very long way to go however, but it will come with time!  

We got set into our districts, and I am in district Marcos, or Mark in English.  My district is cool, but so far it is not nearly as fun as my district back in Provo!  But maybe that is a blessing in disguise, because I really need to buckle down and learn as much as I can, because I am going to out in the field in a month and a half!  Crazy!  I can´t even explain how excited I am to get going though!  I just want to go out and have all of these adventures that i can, get to know the people of Guatemala, teach them everything that I know about the Gospel, just
everything!  But, everything has it´s due time, and it will come soon enough, I just need to prepare for a little longer!  I can´t stop talking about Guatemala though!  It seriously is so awesome!  The weather is perfect too!  For instance, we went out and played gym outside, and it was around 75 degrees the whole time, and they say that it never wavers from that!  perfect!  And, while we were out there, it started to downpour on us!  We were about to go inside because we thought we had to, but they said we could keep on playing in the rain!  So a couple of us went out and played some more basketball in the pouring rain!  It was such a cool experience!  Like I have said before, the MTC here is really small, only about 100 people and two zones, so I pretty much know everyone here already, only after 3 days!  I bet when I am getting ready to leave that I will know pretty much everyone here!  

Guatemala is a lot different than the US though!  We went and walked around the Temple that is just a block away, and while we walked we saw cops everywhere, holding shotguns and rifles to help protect the people!  It was so crazy to see how they were just casually holding a gun out in the open and no one even seemed to care!  Also, we have guards that walk around our building, so it is like we have our own security protection!  It is really crazy how different it is here.  I haven´t really experienced culture shock yet, because I haven´t really  been out in the field yet, but I know as soon as I get out in the open, I will experience a lot of adventures!!  I can´t wait to serve the Lord with all that I am, and I know that we will all recieve blessings from it.  i know it will be hard, and I feel like I can take it.  I will strive to do my best the whole time so that I don´t look back and say "man, I wish I did this and this and that" and so on.  I´ve just got to buckle down and do the best that I can!  

Now onto family stuff!  I cant believe how cute Jace is!  All those pictures that you sent are so adorable, especially the one with his clothes on, his face is priceless in that!  I hope that you all are doing great and getting ready for school and such.  I can´t wait to hear all about your lives and how everyone is!  I love hearing from you guys!  And I hope that the mail works well enough that you can receive all the mail that I will send!  I love you all, and thanks for your continuing support!                  

Elder Jonathan Stuart                 

P.S.  When you put this on the blog, please fix all the mistakes and paragraphs and such.  I´m using a Spanish keyboard, so it is really hard, but i make do!   Thanks for all you guys do!  I love you!!!!!! 

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