Sunday, September 29, 2013

Great Week!

Hello Family!  Well, gonna come out and say it now, this week was pretty good.  We had a lot of success this week, and we got a lot done.  One of the best weeks this change by far!

     I´m probably going to start on Sunday and work backwards.  This Sunday was our Waqrd Conference, and man did we have a turnout!  We usually are floating around 120-140 attendence every week, but this week we ended up with 200!  Wow, the room was so packed, it was so special to see.  So many people doing what they should be doing on Sunday!  AND!  We had three investigators come to church, so that was awesome!  It was a really good day on Sunday.

     So now I want to talk about Carla.  We found her last week having a FHE with a member.  She was kind of hesitant at first, but we passed by another day, and as we invted her to come to church with us this week, she was really set on going!  So we passed by on Sunday to take her to church.  But there was a problem.  The water had been out in that sector of town since Friday (So everyone stunk... that was just awful...) and she told us that she wasn´t going to be able to come with us, because she needed to get a lot of things done.  Well, disheartened, we were trying to see if there was any way possible for her to come.  Then, all of a sudden, her dad that happened to be visiting her that day said, "Just go, I´ll take care of the house while you are gone."  Uh, thanks!  Haha we had never seen the man before, but he totally helped us out!  So she came, and LOVED IT!  YES!  Thank you random stranger!  

     We were also on fire on putting baptismal dates this week.  We put FIVE!  Most of them set for the 19th of October.  They all accepted it, but if they don´t come to church, they can´t get baptized.  So we need to work on having them come.  But it was just awesome every time we put a fecha!  Love being a missionary!

     Guys, the BoM is really something else.  What a power it has.  Two really cool experiences this week with it.  First, we have an investigator that for a while has been mas o menos for a while.  We didn´t really know what to do with her, but then we decided to teach the BoM again.  Turns out she hasn´t put it as too much importance (That is awful English, sorry...) We just had such a powerful spirit, and she was really excited to read it.  In fact, as we left, she pulled out the book and started reading!  Yes!

     The second experience was really simple, but amazing.  Carla brought her two year old daughter to church, and she started getting pretty restless, like all kids do.  So I looked through my backback for something to calm her down, but she jsut reached in my bag and pulled out a BoM.  And she was quiet the rest of the meeting.  Just looking through the pages.  Wow, what a experience.

     But yeah, this week was a good week.  Really proud of how things turned out.  It has been a really good week being a missionary, and I´m so glad that I´m out here serving the Lord.  Sacrifice brings a bunch of blessings!  Until Next Time!

     - Elder Stuart

     - P.S. John 8:28 This is a great scripture for sacrifice, and I love it.  But, even better, if you have time to study it, think about it deep doctrine wise, together with John 5:19-20

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