Sunday, September 22, 2013


Just my regular daily language study.  With a BoM in K´iche´!  I love trying to learn that language!
One of the missionaries completed his 6 months in the mission, so I decided to make breakfast for him!  And this is what I made!  I was fairly proud of how it came out!
Just the view of the Volcano in our mission!
So right in the middle of our area, this dirt road turns into a river everytime that it rains.  (Which is basically every day.)  So one day we were so sick of trying to figure out how to cross it, that we just waded through it!
We hiked up to a lookout of all of Xela, so I took a "O Jerusalem" photo!  Just like Jesus!   And you can kind of see the temple in the background, in the upper middle left part.
There is this sick monument in our Zone, and we went up there last P-Day.  It´s a tribute to some Mayan warrior.  So I´m being all cool right next to it. (Rockin my Kirby shirt, as always!)

This is a members house, that was somewhat damaged by the earthquake last Friday.  There was just a crack in the wall, but they took that as an advantage, and are now going to redo the wall.  It really sucks, because most of the houses here are made of adobe, and it´s not the strongest thing ever...

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