Sunday, November 10, 2013

Another Week

    Hello Family!  We all just enjoyed another wonderful week of life.  Think about it, and how blessed we all are to be here again.  Makes you think, right?  What an amazing Heavenly Father we all have, who has given us day after day, so many miracles.  We should all be just a little more thankful for all that we have.  Now that I got all the deep thinking out of the way I´ll start with my week!.... haha.

     Things are going really smoothly with German.  We are teaching him about every other day, and he is really receptive with all that we teach him.  Unfortunately, he had to go back to the coast this weekend, so he couldn´t assist church.  But I´m not too worried about it.  He said that he was going to miss coming to church.  So yeah, we are going with him tonight, and we are going to make sure that his fecha goes through for the 23rd.

     I´ve got to tell you all about a really cool experience that I realized about how God puts people in our path.  So about 3 weeks ago we found this woman named Nelly washing clothes outside of her house.  We went to go help her, and we put another cita for a couple days later.  Well, when we went, Nelly wasn´t home, but we talked with her 25 year old daughter Samantha, and ended up putting a cita with her for another day.  We went, and had a lesson with her, but then for a week or so they weren´t home.  So yesterday, we just happen to pass by, and find Samantha at home.  We decided to come back later on in the same day, so we went.  As we were about to start the lesson, Samantha´s brother Pedro walks out of a room and goes to the bathroom.  We wait for him, and when he walks out, we ask him if we wants to listen to us.  He was hesitant, but eventually sat down.  And thank goodness he did!  We taught the BoM with them, and he was really interested, more so than any other person there!  It was just way cool to think about all we went through to find him.  And here´s to hoping that he continues to be positive!

     (I hope you can sort out that last paragraph!)

      Funny thing, while we were teaching Pedro, he approached the BoM like a college essay.  He started talking about how it had a good introduction and conclusion, and how the hypothesis was good.  Then he asked about the purpose of the BoM.  Well, we ended up telling him that it was more spiritual than like school, and he will receive his answer by praying.  But it was really interesting hearing that point of view about the BoM!

     We had some really cool experiences showing what being a child of God really means to people.  We asked some people, "What does being a child of God mean to you?"  Most people didn´t know what to say.  But when we read Romans 8:16-17 with it, we realize our great potential as children of a God.  Also, if y´all have time, watch the mormon message "Earthly Father, Heavenly Father."  It´s a good one.

     Halloween passed by this week, but it´s pretty uneventful here.  Although I did buy a bag of candy and passed it out to kids that we knew.  Thinking about it though, that was sure to cause some thoughts.  "Hey look, that strange Gringo is giving candy to kids!"  And so on... But it was fun.

     We ate a food called Fiambre this week.  It is really interesting...  You basically just take every piece of meat imaginable, a bunch of vegitables, and some cheese, and throw it on a plate.  I didn´t end up taking a picture of it, but I should have.  It was just.... weird.  I can´t think of a better word for it.

     A pretty eventful week this week, but that just means more things to do as a missionary, right?  I know that sometimes I don´t realize it as much as I should, but being a full time missionary is absolutely amazing!  I love being a missionary!  There is no other work so satisfying upon the earth.  And I am a part of it.  What a blessing!  Until Next Time!

     - Elder Stuart

     P.S. Philippians 3:13-14  Always look forward.

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