Sunday, November 3, 2013


Hello Family!  Here we are, yet another week in the mission!  And man do I love being here.  Guatemala is absolutely incredible.  Where else are you able to say that you are working among the Lamanites?  Not very many other places.  Guatemala is amazing, I love it here.  The place is just straight up beautiful.  The people have really touched me, and I have developed a love for everyone here.  Which is good as a missionary, right?  Right.  

     As for this week, well, it had it´s up and downs, but when doesn´t it?  But it just made me really appreciate missionary work that much more.  Especially because our ward is being revamped.  Our ward didn´t really like helping us that often before, but in the past two weeks, we´ve got a new bishopbric, and they are super pilas.  Also we´ve got a new Ward Mission Leader, who has always helped us out, but now that´s his calling!  This Sunday, you could just feel the excitement in the air about missionary work, and I love it!

     We had an AMAZING day on Friday, no joke.  We put some really high goals for the day, and we did our best to fulfill every one.  We started off the day fasting, really wanting to be in tune with the Spirit.  And it worked!  We just felt guided to go where we should go, and we hit every one of our goals.  It was amazing, we would find people that would say "Good thing you came now, because I´m going to leave in a couple of minutes."  Or "When can you guys come back?"  Or like this one kid said, "I don´t want you guys to leave yet."  (Man I love little kids here.  So darn cute.)  But what an incredible day.  Just so satisfying getting in my bed at night and feeling like I did all I could that day.  Now, it´s just a matter of getting every day to be like that! ;)

     We are still struggling on getting our investigators to church.  I really feel like Satan tries his best on Sunday Mornings.  One thing comes up after another, and we are just really bummed.  We have awesome investigators, but we just need them to come to church, and we have yet to find the "click" we are looking for.  But it will come!

     The scriptures are amazing.  Just leave it at that.

     I think I have more to say, but my mind always goes blank when I sit down on the computer....  But I´ll just leave you guys with that!  Love you all!  Until next time!

      - Elder Stuart

     P.S. 2 Nefi 1:6  I feel more humbled about my call here to Guatemala every day!

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