Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Really Good Week!

  Hello Family!  ¿Cómo están?  Voy a escribir en Español esta semana, para que ustedes puedan practicar su Español...  Ha.  (Although Chase would´ve understood it.)  But yeah, I just needed a new way to start off my emails.  So there ya go.

     This week turned out really good for us.  It wasn´t exactly what we planned out, and our pool of investigators has really revamped, but when things are good, you can´t really complain that much!  God knows when we deserve blessings, and when they come, man it feels good.

     I´ve got to tell you guys a really cool experience I had this week.  So way back in Pancá, about a year ago, we celebrated the birthday of the Branch President there, and all of his brothers and sisters came.  There were two of them that didn´t live in Momos, but in Xela.  So fast forward to this Wednesday.  One of our citas fell, so we decided to contact a little close by where we were.  We weren´t too well recieved, until one of the last doors we knocked.

     And what do you know, out walks a lady, who I had seen before.  She told us she was a member, but that I looked really familiar.  She asked me what areas we had been in, and when I started thinking about it, I realized she looked a lot like my Branch President in Pancá.  So I put two and two together, and realized she was the sister that came to the Birthday Party in Pancá like a year ago!  And we just found her by pure miracle.  Wow, it was so cool talking to her about Pancá.  But that´s not even the best part.  She basically said, "I´ve been looking for the missionaries of this area for a long time now.  (She lives in our ward but assists another ward.)  My husband isn´t a member, and I want you guys to teach him!"  And when we went to talk to him, he is pretty much all ready to be baptized!  We just need to talk to him a little bit more!  How awesome is that?  Miracles exist guys, even when we don´t think so!  So that was the miracle for this week.

     This Sunday was Stake Conference, but it was Stake Conference for the whole country of Guatemala.  Why?  Because we had a special broadcast for all of Guatemala!  (So that means even Jeffrey saw it!)  Elder Fallabela, from the Seventy who is from Guatemala, conducted the meeting, and we also had Sister Wixom (Primary President), Elder Richard G. Scott (Who can speak Spanish, which is way cool) and President Eyring give talks.  It was really good, because all the talks were directed to the amazing people of Guatemala!  I learned a bunch, and I hope that the Guatemaltecos learned something too! 

     Elder Scott gave a really good talk about the family.  With the love that he has for his own family, and the act that he gave his own talk without a translator, you could really feel the emotion that he had.  Families are really important for everyone here, so hopefully they can put what Elder Scott said into practice!

     We had a Mom and her two sons (Leslie, Dylan, and David) come to the Stake Conference this week!  We were super stoked.  A member family has been helping us out with them, and they were the ones who basically invited them.  But Leslie really likes it, so we are working with her now!  

     We´ve also got a lot of other investigators that we are teaching right now.  Not as positive as the ones I´ve mentioned, but still really awesome.  We are really trying with Antonio and his family.  They´ve already stopped going to their old church to come to ours, but something always comes up on Sundays, and they can´t come.  But, with them I feel like just a bit of patience and they will be members!  Just got to be diligent.

     So yeah, it was a really busy week for us.  But I prefer business over not having anything to do!  So it was a really good week for us.  I hope that we can be diligent enough to take care of the people God has put in our path!  I love you all and I love this work!  Until Next Time!

     - Elder Stuart

     P.S. 1 Timothy 4:16

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