Sunday, December 8, 2013


Doing service to paint a house!  I missed climbing up scaffoldings with Dad, so it was a good reminder!  (Also, check out the shirt.  Bought it for about 50 cents in a store.  Boo yah)
Just passing by on the street, and we see some old corte lady cutting wood.  So we go to help her out!
Alright, this photo takes some explanation.  We were walking down this path and blue jacket girl was carrying that propane tank walking towards us.  As she saw us, she dropped the tank, turned around, and hid over in the corn on the right.  So we walked up to the tank and just chilled there haha.  Then when we had finally passed, she found the courage to retrieve the tank.  Then she, and the woman we contacted while chilling by the tank, carried it away.  Then we took pictures of them.  Mission Quetzaltenango forever!  

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