Sunday, January 12, 2014


Get this.  This is a typical Christmas dessert made up of:  Jello, apples, grapes, colored marshmellows, sour cream, and peanuts.  And it was actually really good.

Making some Xela famous "chuchitos."  Basically corn with a sauce and some meat inside.  The secret is the sauce...

Learning how to make Chuchitos.

Just some of the meats that they put in the Chuchitos.  And yes, that is a turkey head.

New Years in Xela

Burning up the corn stalks after the harvest.

Hoeing for service!  ;)

Christmas Eve with the Velasco family!  

Christmas at Midnight!

Christmas Package!!!  (Also, look at that thumb...)

My area

A big Christmas tree in the middle of Xela

Playing a game like Taboo, and some member drew this, trying to draw a gorilla.

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