Sunday, March 16, 2014


This is a famous monument right here in Xela.  I´ve been here for about 7 months and until now I´m taking a picture here...
A menos activo made us Tortas Mexicanas last week, and they were SO good!
A member in our ward just left on her mission to Mexico.  She was really pilas with us, always helping us out.  So it´s sad to see her go, but we know that she is going to be an excellent misisonary!
Some member in our ward makes a Hounduran food named Baleadas, and they are SO GOOD!!!   So we dedicated a song to them.
So...  They celebrate something here that you call Carnival.  It´s like the carnival in Brasil, but not as big.  But the thing is people jsut walk around with flour and throw it at everything that moves.  We got caught in the cross-fire, so we figured to just finish it off.  And this is what we ended up looking like.
Elder Josec and I in the aftermath of Carnival.
Directly after Carnival, some member asked us to help them move.  So here´s me trying to be as chapín as possible.  It´s amazing how many weird looks I got.
Just your typical Guatemalan woman waiting for a bus.
Another regular occurance in Xela.  (By the way, I´m the bomb at taking pictures without people knowing.  Case and Point)
Just me trying to go to the bathroom.  (Don´t worry, nothing is going on here.)
A picture of me in Salcajá, an area close by mine!

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