Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Just Another Week!

Hello Family!  Well, it is this time of week again, so that means another letter home!  I have to apologize in advance though, because this week wasn`t very exciting, so there isn`t going to be very much to write about!

     While most everyone else had changes, nothing changed for me!  I`m still in Pancà with Elder Maldonado, working hard!  This week has been a little rough though, because not much really happened.  We visited a lot of less active members, and some our investigator family, and they are doing good, just not moving very fast.  But moving slow is a whole lot better than not moving at all!  I keep telling myself that whenever I get a little bit discouraged.  I hope that every little thing that I do will have just a little impact for them!

     We found another investigator this week!  A really good friend of the Pu Mejia family (my first converts) has been attending church for the past two weeks, and even attended the baptism of the Pu Imul kids!  We just had Family Home Evening with the Pu Mejia family on Thrusday, and she was there for it.  So she seems really interested in the Church, so hopefully that will lead to something big!

     For this sunday, Elder Maldonado and I went to Xepòn (another area close to us) because the missionaries there asked us to come and participate in the Choir there!  The real reason is that they needed Elder Maldonado to play the piano, so I just tagged along, and ended up singing in the choir with them!  It was way fun and such a neat experience, (even if the Latinos here aren`t the best singers, but don`t tell them that I said that.. haha)

    So yeah...  not much going on, just continuing in the work of the Lord!  I love it a lot, and hope it keeps going as well has it has!  I love you guys!  My scripture for this week is D+C 20:37.  This is the scripture that the baptismal interview is based off of.  It is a nice to review it every once in a while, and know what we should be doing!  Once again, I love you guys!

     Until Next Time

     - Elder Stuart

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