Tuesday, November 27, 2012

One Week More!

Hello Family! Seems like these come faster and faster every week! Especially this week though, because not much happened this week. Kind of uneventful. But still, we filled it up with the work of the Lord, and that always helps!

So the way things got scheduled this week, we were in Momos for a lot of time this week. We always head here on Mondays and head back Tuesdays, because the travel system is not very reliable to get to our area. (Basically it is if someone happens to go there, we hitch a ride on the back of their truck.) The thing is that we had a Zone Conference set up for Thursday. So we came down on Monday Morning and left for Pancà Tuesday Afternoon, and then returned again to Momos on Thursday morning and returned that afternoon. So we spent a lot of time here, which is hard for me. I always like knowing what I am doing, and actually doing it. And when i have to wait here for an unreliable truck to take me back, it is a little rough. But I make the best of it, and hey, it will help me work on my patience too, so it`s all good!

On Thursday night, we had a FHE with an investigator family and a Less Active family! It went really well! We brought some church videos about the BoM to share, and then both Elder Maldonado and I shared our testimonies. It was crazy too, because with both families combined, there were about 20 of us there! A lot of people to hear the Gospel, I love it! I feel like the less active family heard it really well and applied it, because we ended up seeing them at church this week! Also, we left a BoM with Cruz, the father of the investigator family, and he said that he would read it! So hopefully this will turn into something really good!

The day after this though, was not that good. I woke up feeling a little queasy, so I layed down and took a little nap. Not 20 minutes passed that I woke up suddenly, and 5 seconds later I was outside throwing up. It wasn`t good at all. So on Friday we stayed home and rested, because I was feeling awful. the weird thing is, that I don`t even know what it is from, because I have eaten the same things that I have eaten the whole time. But oh well. Thank goodness, the next day I was feeling a lot better, so it was just a one day thing. So don`t worry too much, I am a lot better now, but it was just a weird day.

Not much else to report. I am hoping that things will develop with Cruz and his family. But other than that, we are helping the members out here, and helping reactivate the less active members. I still feel way blessed to be in the area I am in. The people there are just so nice! And they are really willing to come to church too! We had 98 reported people come to church this week, which is a TON for Pancà! I hope that my efforts will continue to bless those here! I really am starting to love the people here of Guatemala, and I hope that it will continue for the rest of my mission! I lvoe you guys! thank you so much for your support always, and I will look forward to next week! Until Next Time!

- Elder Stuart

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