Sunday, February 3, 2013


This was last week when we were trying to find a truck to take us back to Pancà.  Well, we eventually found one!  It was just a flat-bed truck instead of a pickup!  It wasn`t the best ride in the world, but it sure makes for a good story!

     So a fire broke out this week, and that is bad news when everywhere around you is basically forest!  We were too far away to help, but a lot of the people that lived close went out and helped put it out.  Luckily, nothing bad was damaged, but all the area is black where it got burned.  So we were lucky!

The new Chapel being built and where the missionaries will eventually live.

   This morning at about 6 in the morning we got on the truck to take us to Momos, and this is the inversion that you can see!  It was freezing on the ride to Momos!  But not anything like you guys are experiencing!  HAHAHAHAHA

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