Sunday, July 28, 2013

Another week in Chinique!‏

    Hello Family!  Hope that you all had an awesome week this week!  Things are just going great here in Chinique.  I have really grown to really love this area now (I guess that`s what happens when you are in an area for just about 6 months... haha)  But seriously, I feel like I know just about every person here.  We walk down the street, and I`m just about saying hi to everyone!  And the best part is that most of them are investigators that we have dropped... ;) Haha but it`s been great!

     Well, the biggest thing for me this week was:  EMERGENCY CHANGES!  Yep, I`m no longer with Elder Aguilar.  He had to go to Xela to go finish training someone.  So now I`m with a new comp!  Elder Tufiño from Ecuador.  He only has three months in the mission, so he`s still pretty new, so I`ve had to adjust a little bit for that.  But he`s a great guy, and wants to work hard, so I feel like we are going to get along fine.  It was a bummer to see Elder Aguilar go, because he was a great teacher, and I learned a lot from him.  But he was needed somewhere else!  So I`m working on showing Elder Tufiño around!

     We have super pilas investigators in the Muñoz family.  Angelica (Mom), Henry (14), and Amary (11) are there names.  They are way awesome, and progressing so much!  We had a lesson with them on Saturday, where we invited them to baptism, and they accepted!!!..  They all want to be baptized, and since they are super prepared, we put a baptismal date for July 27, which is this Saturday.  Angelica and Amary accepted it, but Henry was a little hesitant.  We encouraged him to pray about it, and we are going to pass by today to see how it goes.  But how awesome are they?!?

     Something even more amazing about them.  The father/husband is super anti-mormon, and doesn`t like them accepting this church.  But they are still doing everything that they can to go to church and eventually be baptized.  They are so awesome in the face of that much adversity!  I really look up to them because of that.

     So, something really cool, remember about Milset? (Well, I`m going to call her Milady now, because she likes that name better...)  The investigator that fought with a member?  We had dropped her a little bit ago, but we saw her in the street this week, and she basically told us that she wanted to listen to us again!  So we had a FHE with a member family with her, and she confessed that she is really influenced by her dad, who is really evangelical.  So we are visiting her now, and trying to clear up some of the doubts that have been "shoved into her brain."  

     We helped an investigator decorate a float car for a parade in Chinique this week.  So Dad, I`m already practicing to help you out when I get home! ;)

     So since our shower is busted, I`ve taken a cold bucket shower every day for about a week and a half...  So count your blessings!  Haha but the weirdest thing?  I`ve actually come to like them a little bit!  Haha I`m turning into a Guatemalteco!  I`m gonna come home and be scared of hot water!  Haha

     So it`s been a preatty eventful week this week, (Seems like it was for everybody!) and I`m hoping that this next week will be just as eventful and very exciting!  This really is the best work that there is, and I love being a part of it!  

     Love you all, and Until Next Time!

     - Elder Stuart

     P.S. Alma 32:16.  A great scripture for those who feel the desire to be baptized, but don`t feel ready.  It was great for us this week!  (Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for sending it to me so long ago!)

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