Sunday, October 13, 2013

General Conference Weekend!!!

 Hello Family!  I hope that you all had an AMAZING General Conference weekend!  Man, I don´t think I had even been as excited for it as I was now.  It´s like the Super Bowl for missionaries here!  No joke.  But holy cow, what a conference.  Have I just been so blind before to not realize how amazing it was before the mission?  I guess so, but never again!  

     But yeah, this week was pretty good.  Our numbers were a bit down from the last weeks, but we still had some powerful lessons, and some good new investigators, so that (kind of) makes up for it. 

     This week we a lot of speaking about profets and apostles, because we were inviting EVERYONE to General Conference.  We testified a lot about how we know there are living prophets today, and what it means for all of us.  I liked using the example from "Our Seach for Happiness," where it says "If Moses was here on the Earth today, would you be interested in what he has to say?"  And go from there, testifying about how someone today has the same authority as him.  It really makes sense when you think about it!  Just another stamp of approval on the true Church!

     We have some bad news about Carla, one of our more positive investigators.  Her 7 year-old son has been in the hospital for the last couple of days, and he´s not looking good.  As in his condition is getting worse.  So we haven´t been able to see her for a while.  But just keep her in your prayers porfa.

     We have been teaching this guy named Ricardo, who has Parkinson´s Disease.  It´s really hard for him to leave his house, so it´s rough trying to get him to church.  But he is so pilas (awesome in Guatemalan slang.)  He remembers absolutely everything we teach him, and he wants to learn so much more.  But we are going to try and get over the obsacle of getting him to church.  But as long as he is positive, I´m happy.

     Well, not much happened in the week, so now I´ll talk about General Conference.  Of course, we had to watch it in Spanish, but now that I actually understand what´s going on now, I really enjoyed it.  I got a lot out of every single talk, ways to better myself as a missionary and a man.  There were a bunch of good talks, but I´ll just name a few.  

     I really liked S. Gifford Nielsen´s talk.  He was really excited, wasn´t he?  But we all need excitement, expecially during the mission.  Of course, Jeffrey R. Holland was amazing.  But he really took a different tangent, and I loved the way he did it.  Randy D. Funk spoke really good too in Priesthood session.  Very clear, and things that we all need to hear.  All the First Presidency´s talks were awesome in Priesthood session, especially their stories.  If you haven´t heard yet, ask a Priesthood holder about President Monson´s home teacher. Classic.  President Monson´s talk on Sunday was soul-wrenching.  He really misses his wife.  Just makes me want to find that special one and love her as much as he does.  And Russell M. Nelson´s talk was really good too.  If y´all have time, go look them up!

      Now, this week we just all have to do what the prophets and apostles told us to do!  Let´s do work!  Until Next Time!

     - Elder Stuart

     P.S. Alma 29.  All of it.  Read it and love it.  

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