Sunday, October 6, 2013


We found a really awesome guy who was really interested in our message!...  Ha
Temple!  The members are the second and fourth people, the rest are investigators that we brought.  And although we couldn´t go any closer, it was still special.
I just had to show you the cutest little member girl!  Guatemalan kids are so darn cute!  (And just try to ingore the big mass of who knows what on the side...)
This is the awesome sunset view that we view everyday, and I thought that you guys would like to see it!
Just the volcano that covers all of Xela!
We went up to the lookout place again, so I took more pictures!  In this picture, you can actually see my area, but to point it out to you guys would be too hard...  So yeah.
  Xela, here I come!
 Rockin the Mayan warrior look.
Just being a kid again.  And LOVING it!
Another "O Jerusalem" picture for you guys!

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