Sunday, April 6, 2014


 Hello Family!  Well, I`m guessing that the subject is confusing a couple of you...  But I`ll explain.  As soon as I walked out of internet last week, the assistants called me to let me know that I was going to have changes!  Great...  But they told me that I was going to go open up an area where there has been a streak of bad missionaries, and it was my job to pick the area back up...  So yeah, now I`m in Huehuetenango, in an area that`s called Colonia.  So I`ve oficially said goodbye to Xela, and am probably in my last area in the mission!  So crazy!

     And the weirdest thing about the changes is my new comp.  I`m with Elder Pagán, the elder that was in Chiquilajá with me!  So we´ve known each other for his whole mission (4 months).  We get along great, so that`s going to be really good when we start to work here in Colonia.

     Not going to lie, I`m going to miss Chiquilajá a bunch, and Xela too.  The members there were incredible, some didn`t want me to leave, and one even offered me to end my mission there, and marry his daughter!  ;)  So if I want, I`ve got options here in Xela!  Jaja but seriously, it was amazing being in Chiqui, and all the miracles that I saw there.  But now it`s time to move on, and I`m ready for it!

     As for the Colonia, it`s a great area!  The members here are stoked to help us out with missionary work.  We received a ton of references this week from all the members, and we`ve still got a bunch that we need to contact!  It`s basically been a week of getting used to being in a new area, getting to know the members, and seeing what we can do from the very beginning to help out this ward.  I`ve got a really good feeling about this ward, and I know that the Lord is just waiting to help us out in the work.

     I want you all to know how great of a mission leader I´ve got here.  His name is Mauro Gómez.  The thing with him is that with his job, he works one day, and rests the next.  That means that sometimes he has to miss some Sundays, but he`s alright.  But what surprised me most about him is that he dedicates most of his time on his off days to go with us.  For example, on Friday we went with him starting at 4:00 in the afternoon, and we were with him until we had to go home!  It was incredible.  He`s always willing to show EVERYONE that he knows to us, and see if they will accept the gospel.  What a guy.

     This week I`ve been focusing my thoughts on how to best approach people about the gospel, seeing as I`ve been needing to do that for the whole week!  But I`ve definitely noticed something interesting.  Recently, I`ve found myself saying from the very beginning something like this: "We`ve come here today to share with you this VERY IMPORTANT message that we have."  yadda yadda yadda.  The key is saying that it is very important what we have to say.  Most people here I`ve seen just think that we are there to share a message about Christ, and leave it at that.  But if we can really make sure that they realize that what we have to say could very well change they way that they act, it`s a lot more promising.  

     As of now, we don`t really have anyone going really strong yet, seeing as we`ve got less than a week here, but we`ve got a lot of really good prospects, and I feel like my next letter will be talking about a lot of the people that we`ve come to know here.

     This work is absolutely amazing guys.  It couldn´t be bettter.  We are the ones who have this gospel in our hands, and it`s our job to share it with everyone!  Neighbors, friends, family, co-workers, strangers on the street, etc.  They´ve got the questions, and we`ve got the answers.  Until next time!  

     - Elder Stuart

     P.S. Moroni 8:16, especially the last part.

     P.P.S.  Huehue is really hot.  Reminds me a lot of St. George.  To put it in perspective, I put sunscreen on for the first time on Wednesday.  Yeah...

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