Sunday, April 6, 2014


Just chilling outside of the dispensa with some good old chocolate milk.

Everyone at changes.

This is the beautiful land called Huehuetenango.

Me in Huehue.

A member in our ward makes bread, and this is his oven.  It´s really good.

Found this chilling in our house, just trying to get out.  Just be glad that I didn`t show you a picture of the bugs in our bathroom... ;)   THIS was the bug I was telling you about.

Look at the name of this school.  And when we asked, they said they have no relation with the church....

Getting to know the area from the back of a pickup.  (Also ignore the fact that my comp looks great, and I`m just... meh.)

For service, we made a bunch of chicken houses for the members here, something really necessary here!

Today we asked our bishop how we were to get rid of our trash.  He said, "Just go to the cliff and throw it off."  We were like, "Are you serious?"  And this is the cliff he was talking about.  I love this place, but man, I`m for sure in a third-world country.

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