Sunday, April 20, 2014


This is the cliff in our area where everyone throws their garbage.  There is no garbage system here.  But that´s a good thing, according to a story we heard.  Apparently a couple years back, some little girl fell off the cliff, but thanks to the garbage below that broke her fall, she wasn´t hurt.  Go figure.

Us Gringos between sessions eating pizza and enjoying conference.

Me at the start of the trail that leads to the Laguna Magdalena

Some small waterfalls in the Laguna Magdalena

The Laguna Magdalena.

A huge valley that you can see from this place.

And from this valley, there is a huge waterfall that goes all the way down.

My name tag and the valley.

The valley again.

The Laguna.

Coming back from the Laguna, there was a place where you could see all of Huehue.  How cool is that?

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