Sunday, June 8, 2014

     Hello Family!  Man, if I have ever wanted a missionary week filled with all the biggest ups and biggest downs ever, that´s definitely what happened this week.  Some of the coolest things, some of the best miracles, some of the saddest moments, and all that jazz.  It was overall a great week, so I´m stoked to be able to tell you guys about it.

     (Just so you all know, I was REALLY sick all this week, which made it just that much better.  A lot of the stories deal with that.  And Mom, don´t worry, I´m completely fine now, so don´t worry!!)

     Okay, this week started off with a really hard blow.  Remember Elena´s family?  Yeah, they totally dropped us on Tuesday.  We got outside their house, and I was feeling horrible, so I went to a nearby tree and just puked my guts out while Elder Pagán talked with Elena.  When I got done, I basically figured out that Elena said she didn´t want to visit with us anymore.  Her words were, "Listen, I´m going to take the easy road and go to the church that´s across the street.  Things aren´t going that great with the family, so I think that will be better."  That was rough for us, especially because I made my way out there feeling sick, just for her to tell us that she doesn´t want to make an effort.  So that was hard for us.  

     On Thursday, I still wasn´t feeling that good, but we had a cita to go with Aura, who was set to be baptized this Saturday.  I wasn´t really that excited to go, because I wasn´t feeling that good, but I knew that it was really important for us to go.  So we made the 45 minute walk to her house to make sure that she was going to be baptized on Saturday.

     When we got there, we started off the lesson, and when we asked her how she was feeling about the baptism, she said, "I don´t know, how bout we put it off for another month?"  I was devistated at that point.  But if there is something that I´ve learned in the mission, it´s how to be persistent.  So we started asking her why, and she was saying stuff like she wants more time to read the BoM, more times at church, etc.  But then we felt inspired to ask her what her family has said about her decision.  That´s when she got quiet.  She then told us that she was afraid about what they would say, because they are all of a different faith.  We then allowed her to think about what SHE wanted to do, without any outside pressure.  She thought for a bit, and then said that she didn´t need to think any more about it.  She knew that she wanted to be baptized, and she decided to not tell any of her family members about it, and do what she wanted to do.  Man, the Spirit was so strong in that moment, and we knew that because we had gone there, and we had been inspired, we had saved that baptism.

     So on Saturday was the baptism!  And like always, we had some problems setting everything up.  We couldn´t find anyone to give us keys to the chapel to fill the pila bautismal up, the member that was going to bring the refreshment afterwards bailed on us, we couldn´t find clothes for the baptism, yaddah yaddah.  But, after everything that happened, Aura was baptized.  It was a very spiritual meeting, and it was amazing.

     And Sunday just finished off the week perfectly.  Aura was confirmed, and right afterwards, she asked the Bishop if she could give her testomony (Something that we were hoping she would do).  She gave one of the best testimonies I´ve heard from a recent convert, and she basically thanked Elder Pagán and I for loving her enough to push her to make the desicion.  Not gonna lie, I got a little emotional.  It was just perfect.  

      And not only that!  A family came to church this week that we didn´t know, so of course right after Sacrament Meeting we went to go see who they were.  So here´s their story:  His name is José, and her´s is Merlin.  José is a member, but he´s been less active for years now, and Merlin isn´t a member.  They recently moved into the area in January, and had siempre seen us walk by, although never got the courage to talk to us.  Things hadn´t been going good in their house, with illness, fights, and whatnot.  And that´s when Merlin told us that she knew that they needed to go to church.  So they figured out the hour, and got to church all by themselves!  They felt so goot afterwards, and José recognized the Spirit right away.  They are a family (with their two little boys) just ready for the Gospel.  What a Miracle.

     Sorry that this email was so long, but I felt like I needed to tell you gys how this week went in detail.  It was probably one of my favorite weeks in the mission, just because everything that could have happened, happened.  It was great.  I love being a missionary so much, and I love being here in Guatemala.  I love this Gospel so much, and most of all, I´m so grateful to Jesus Christ for every single opportunity that I ever have.  I love you all so much.  Until next time!

     - Elder Stuart

     P.S. Moroni 9: 11, 15-16

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