Monday, June 30, 2014


Celebrating my birthday with the Paz family!

Just a normal road here in Huehue.  After the rain, the streets were just horrible...

The Zaculeu Zone!  (Without the Hermanas...)

This family is so great.  Luis and Esvin are on my right and left respectively.  We worked so hard with this family, and they were pretty active when I left.  I´m so happy to see them in the church!

The Paz family, probably the family that helped us out the most in Colonia.

 Part of my area in San Francisco.  We are crossing a bridge over a river, and I just had to take a picture.

San Francisco is called "El Alto" (tall in spanish, but I think of it as "on high") for a reason.  The lights you see is Xela clear back there.  San Fran is the area with the highest altitude in the mission!

The ward going to plant trees as a service project.  And how did we get there?  Riding on the back of a pickup truck.  That´s my white hand holing on to the bar, and I´m standing on the bumper.  One of the many reasons I love this country, because this was completely legal.

While doing service, we just found this little river next to the road.  That´s the beauty of Guatemala for you guys.

Planting Trees!

A view of San Francisco, and the amazing view that we have.  But I´ll look for a better picture of San Fran to send to you all next week!

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