Sunday, June 8, 2014


A good ole Mexican Torta.  Aka lunch every monday.

This is the normal rainstorm in Guatemala.  I hope that you can see it, but it was absolutely pouring!!!

 We cut this tree down just for some random lady.  And no, we did not use a chain saw.  Not even an axe.  We used a machete.

Huehuetenango at night.

We just saw this on the side of the road one day.  Do you know the weird thing about it?  It´s still there after about a week...  Just like nothing had happened.

This was at the cultural night I was telling you guys about last week.  We had a really good turnout too!

 Chili Relleno, one of the best meals here.  Basically it´s Jalapeño peppers stuffed with meat and veggies.  So good!!!

Aura at her baptism!

 Elder Pagán and I playing the "Make a bunch of silly faces and see which one comes out!" game.

I love Guatemalan kids so freaking much!

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