Sunday, July 6, 2014


We found some shoes in a paca one day.  My shoe is the black on next to them.  Yeah, I´m pretty sure that not one chapín is going to buy these shoes...

We made cupcakes with a part-member family for Father´s Day, which is on the 17th of June.  Liz, you would be so proud!  Jaja

I did divisions in Santa Ana, an aldea in Momos this week.  And I just love the little kids here in Guatemala!  I take out my camera, and they all say, "Take a picture!  Take a picture!"  Jaja I love them.

A view of Santa Ana.  The whole area looks like this, and I love it!

We had a ward activity on Saturday, and this was everyone eating afterwards.  The Ward here is pretty small, but they are really united, which is really a miracle!  I love these people so much!

Just another beautiful Guatemalan Sunset.  I don´t know why, but I think the corn stalks make the scenery, or is it just me?  

We went to go visit an aldea named Chuichaj where some menos activos live.  It´s pretty far away.  To give you all an idea, we had been walking for about 45 minutes when we took this picture.  The city that is in my hand?  That´s San Francisco.  And we needed to walk there...  Yeah, that´s how this part of Guatemala is!

Man, I totally forgot to tell you guys what happened today!  There was a strike here in San Francisco!  Apparently the government is planning to tear down some of the forest here to build a mine.  And the people are upset, so they striked today.  They didn´t let any transportation go by, and incluso they robbed a pepsi truck by force!  So it was advised that we not leave the house... But we got hungry.  So we went to a tienda (a mini store) that a member owns, but we shut the door so no one would know we were inside!  Jaja it was kind of scary, because people were walking down the street with machetes and such.  But it sure was interesting!

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