Sunday, July 20, 2014


On Monday we locked ourselves out of our house...  And this is a picture of me after climbing over a gate, and making my way to a second story window to get the keys...

I went on divisions to an area called Tierra Blanca, and the view there is absolutely amazing.  Just a pure view of the mountains of Guatemala.

The chapel in Tierra Blanca.

A view of a classic traveling bus in Guatemala.  (Although this one was kind of empty...)

The group of us that are going home at the temple!

A photo of our area.  See those houses on the other side of the valley?  That´s where we were going!

Another view of Guatemala.  I will never get over the beauty of this country.

These are most of the ties I currently have in my possesion.  And just remember that I started the mission with 6 ties...

The cookies that we made for the baptism!

Paloma at her baptism!  

Paloma with the family that helped us out a ton!

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