Monday, July 30, 2012

A Familiar Face

Dear Mom and Family,

    I am doing great here at the MTC!  I´ve only got one more day here before I'm headed off to Guatemala!  It is crazy how fast it has gone!  Three weeks already...  Before I know it, I'll be getting ready to come home!  I better enjoy as much time as I have here and make the best of it!

    We had another Tuesday Devotional, and we as a district ate dinner fast enough that we could get really good seats for it.  And we got second row!  Only because the speaker's family was on the fromt row!  So that was awesome in and of itself.  But it gets better.  Our Speaker was Gary J. Coleman.  At first I didn't think anything of it, I just thought it was another member of the seventy we got to hear.  But he started to name off all of his grandchildren that they have out on missions.  He said he had a grandson named Jason who was in Canada, and that's when it clicked!  This is Jason and Jessica Coleman's grandpa!  It was so cool to see someone I kind of knew and have him speak to us!  And Mom, that is where the picture came from, because Jason and Jessica's mom and dad were there, and they sent you the picture! 

     We have finished teaching Veronica now, I don't know if I already told you that, but now we have got two more investigators!  Their names are Caitlin and Tati, and we have been teaching them seperately for the last week and a half about, but we aren't going to have the chance to finish with them, because we are leaving tomorrow!  But I really feel like I have gotten the hang of the language just enough to teach the Gospel to those who need it and understand most of what they are saying.  I am nowhere near ready for the actual mission field though!  That's gonna take a lot longer!

    On Wednesday, we had this thing called TRC (Teaching Resource Center), and what we did is we taught members who were themselves, and we just got to practice the language and our message.  It was really fun surprisingly, because it wasn't just about teaching the doctrine, it was really about getting to know the other person, which is very important to do!  You can't teach someone without knowing who they are and what they are like, so it was good to practice that!

I have been reading the Book of Mormon again, and I've reached the point where The Sons of Mosiah and Alma the Younger are ready to go preach the Gospel to the Lamanites.  I have really focused on what they are teaching, because that is excactly what I am going to do soon!  One verse really struck me though.  In Mosiah 28:3, it reads "Now they were desirous taht salvation should be declared to every creature, for they could not bear that any human soul should perish; yea, even the very thoughts that any soul should endure endless torment did cause them to quake and tremble."  It is amazing how much the Sons of Mosiah and Alma wanted to serve missions.  If I could be anywhere near that level of caring for my investigators, I would be a very successful missionary!

We had a Fireside yesterday, and the speaker was Robert P. Swensen.  He is the Director of Missionary Service, so he really knows a lot about missions!  He really gave us a nice prep talk, and it really made me believe in how successful we can all be if we just put our trust in the Lord.  And that can apply to anything!  Missions, school, work, just life in general!  But, by far the best part of the Fireside was the closing song.  We sang How Firm a Foundation, and we sung verses 4-7.  Verse 7 is so powerful, I couldn't help but feel the spirit when we had more than a thousand missionaries singing it together!  I don't have the words, but if you want to look them up, they are amazing! 

     Our Zone that I am in is the best zone I could have asked for!  After the Fireside, we gathered together as a Zone and sang "Hasta Ver" to all the missionaries who were leaving, me included!  (That's God be with you 'till we meet again by the way!"  About forty of us gathered in a little tiny classroom and sang as loud as we could!  It was such an awesome feeling, because the sound was like reverberating off of the walls and everything, it was so cool!  But it was a really touching experience too, because it showed how much servants of the Lord can care for one another!  I mean, I've only been here 3 weeks with these Elders and Sisters, but it feels like we are all one big family! 

    By far the best part of the week though is finding our I am an uncle!  I can't really fathom it quite yet!  I just got to see my first picture of little Jace about 20 minutes ago, and I couldn't even believe it.  I was speechless for a while, I don't know how anyone can look at something so precious and not believe in Heavenly Father!  It blows my mind!  But I hope that Staci is doing great and is healthy, and same goes for Jace.  I can't wait to see Jace in two years, it's long but I know that it will be worth it! 

    Well, that's pretty much been it for this week, I'm sure next week is going to be crazy, seeing as how I'm going to be in Guatemala by tomorrow!  I cant wait for the experience and the opportunity to serve all the people down there!  I can't wait!

    I guess the letter sent without me having the chance to say goodbye!  I love all of you, and I cant wait to talk to you on Tuesday morning!  Hopefully I will have a bunch of time!  I love you all!


Elder Stuart

Hi Mom!  Love You! With the Coleman's
(Mom got this text from an unknown number and we weren't sure who the Coleman's were,
but we figured out it was Carolie and Kory Coleman!)

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