Monday, October 1, 2012

An Awesome Week!

 Hello Family!  I can`t wait to tell you all about the week that I have had!  It has been just a really good example of how the mission life is!  The mission definitely does have it`s ups and downs, but that`s all part of life, right?  We just need to push through the challenges and strive to do our best in everything!  

     This week started out a little rough.  We didn`t get back to our house in Pancà until late Tuesday night, because of the Visa thing I had to figure out on Monday.  So we lost about a day and a half of work that we could have done.  So on Wednesday, we went out to go and find some people to teach and Less Active members to go see.  But on that day, either no one was home (which meant we pretty much walked about 45 minutes for nothing!), or they didn`t have much time to visit with us, because they were about to leave (which meant we couldn`t teach them a lesson!)  Not to mention that we got lost on our way back, which sucked, because we forgot our flashlight, and there are no lights anywhere in Pancà, so we struggled over dirt paths through the woods for a while before we finally got home.  So it was a rough day!

     Thankfully, the next day was a whole lot better!  We started off the next day helping the Garcia family (a really nice family really strong in the Gospel) with various jobs around the house.  It felt good to do service for them, because when we do service, we are in the service of God.  Then, they gave us the absolute best lunch I have had in Pancà!  Lydia, the Mom, worked on a huge dish of Chow Mein for us, and after working for so long and so hard, it was much appreciated!  Not to mention it was a nice break from the usual Beans and Rice and Tortillas I have had for the past couple weeks!  It was just a good morning with a nice member family!  Afterwards, our District Leader came all the way to Pancà, because we had some Baptism interviews to take care of!  So we headed out to the Pu Mejia family, and we had the chance to interview Estevana, (the Mom) Erlinda, and Diego (The two kids)!  They all "passed" if you will, and we were all so excited!

     Their date was Friday, the 28 of September, the very next day!  I was looking forward to their baptism the whole day!  It finally came around, and Elder Maldonado and I started setting up for it!  The Pu Mejia family came around, and I can`t even explain how much excitement I had for each of them!  Plus, they surprised me when the two kids asked if I could baptize them!  I was shocked!  I thought for sure that Antonio, the Dad, would do it, but he didn`t want to, and the kids wanted me to!  I was so surprised, but so humbled at the same time!  I was so honored!  So we started the service, and all during the service I was memorizing their names, because these Native names are long and hard, and I didn`t want to mess up!   But the time finally came, and I baptized the two kids!  I felt the spirit so strong, I wasn`t even thinking about what had happened at the beginning of the week.  All I could feel was the Spirit so strong, and the glow from these three new members!  It really made my mission so far!  I am so grateful for the opportunity that I had to take part in bringing some of these souls here in Guatemala to the truth.  I love that they will be able to feel what I feel when I am in tune with the Spirit now!  I can`t wait to get back to work and find some others that I can help out with!  

    Not to mention this P-Day has been awesome!  Since it is the beginning of the month, we get our funds for the month, so the Zone of Momostenango went to Xela and spent the day there.  We played soccer with another Zone, went around the city (which was weird after being in Pancà for so long!), and bought a lot of food that we can only get in Xela.  All in all a really good day!

     A side note really quick, I am so happy that I have the opportunity to be in Momos.  I heard today that this city especially has a lot of Lamanite blood in it, and is one of the most direct lines there is to them!  Also, I heard that 6 different Apostles have visited this city.  No, no Xela or even Guate, but Momostenango of all places!  It is such a cool place to be, and I love it here!  I am having a blast here, and I wouldn`t rather be anywhere else!  I hope I was able to share my excitement with you all through this email!  I love you all, and can`t wait until next week!  Until Next Time!!!

     - Elder Stuart

     Mosiah 28:3

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