Sunday, October 28, 2012


 So this is a bug that we found walking around.  It was huge, plus is had a stinger type thing on its "tail!"  It was crazy, so of course I had to take this picture!

This is a waterfall that we pass by everytime we go to our Ward Mission Leader´s house.  (He is the one in the pictures that I sent last time.  He translates for us into Quiche.)  We finally to time to find a good spot to take a picture.

I found Paper Mario in Momos.  No big deal.  Of course, knowing me, I had to take a picture!  Yay for nerds!

We stopped by Elder and Sister Fairbourne´s house this day.  They are the financial secretaries for our mission.  We were in Xela, and about to head to Guate for my Visa stuff.  They called us and asked if we wanted to join them for cookies.  Of course we said yes!

The Pu Mejia Family that we baptized!  

This kid at the baptismal service for the Pu Mejia Family was wearing an Orioles hat!  I was so excited, needless to say!
The Quetzaltenango Temple!  I saw it last week when we went to Xela to play soccer.  We didn´t get to get closer, but at least I got to see it!

 A Meat Store in Momos.  Awesome right?  And yes, I did eat some of the meat in this store!

This is us after the Sunday Morning Session with the Pu Imul Family (Part of them)  The weapons are for a later picture that I will describe next!

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