Sunday, October 28, 2012

My First Six Weeks!

Hello Family!  Well, I have officially reached my first transfer period in the mission field, even though I`m not going to transfer.  It still feels good to have reached this point though!  I seem to have had a lot of success recently, I hope that it continues to be this way!

     Well, first things first, our baptisms went through!  On the 18, four of the Pu Imul kids get baptized, and we also had one kid from the Pu Mejia family that got baptized.  He didn`t get baptized when the rest of his family did, because he didn`t have enough attendences to church, but he did now, so he got baptized!  So that`s FIVE baptisms!  That is five souls that have come closer to Christ.  It feels so good having helped with it also!  It was so cool to see them so happy and filled with the spirit!  Usually, the Pu Imul kids are so serious and hardly look you in the eye, but at the baptism, they were so happy and laughing and just having a good time!  That just shows how much the Gospel of Jesus Christ can do for you!  That is why I love being a missionary so much!  I have to opportunity to spend two years doing this work, seeing the gospel change lives, and just being closer to my Savior!

     Other than that though, not much has happened.  We have just been visiting other less active members, active members, doing service, and such.  We do have a family that we are still working with to get the kids baptized.  The mom is not active at all, but the Dad is.  He actually just called to be the second counselor in the Branch Presidency this week, so hopefully that will help the kids realize how important the Gospel is to their Dad, and will make them want to participate more!

     We just got here to Momos for P-Day, and just got back from helping all the new missionaries to this area carry their bags to wait at the Zone Leader`s house until they can get to their respective areas.  So we are going to have some new faces here in the Zone of Momostenango!  I`m still in the same area, so not much will change, just the missionaries in their respective areas.

     Well, I`m still doing great, continuing doing the work of the Lord!  I love it here, and am ready for another week!  Until Next Time!

     - Elder Stuart

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