Sunday, April 21, 2013


This is part of our area, a little aldea called Paquinaq.  (By the way, aldea means little village.)  That city that you can see way out in the distance is Chinique, and we walked all the way from there!  It was quite the hike!

Once again in Paquinaq, but with a better view of Chinique down below.  It takes about an hour and a half to get up there, and we have to go up there at least once a week, because our newly called Ward Mission Leader lives up there!  Awesome!  But the members up there, even though they don`t have much, are so strong in the Gospel, and I love it!

 We celebrated the birthday of Elder Berrios, and one of our investigators, Karen, because their birthdays are both on the 6th of April!  It was way fun, especially because they had come to conference earlier that day!  

Last week, during P-Day, we went and visited the ruins that are in Quichè!  There aren`t as great as some of the other ruins that are here in the mission (or so I`ve heard), but hey, they are still ruins!

Me on top of a hill, overlooking the ruins!

Our Zone of missionaries at the ruins!

Me and some other Elders checking out some caves that were close by to the ruins!

This is us at the ruins, and that is me on them doing my stunt pose!  You can`t really see it that well, but hey, I can say that I did it!

Us at the baptism!  The sign says "Welcome to our Baptism," and it was a great afternoon!

Everyone who came to the baptism on Saturday!  Woo hoo!!! Us 

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