Sunday, February 9, 2014

Change Week!

    Hello Family!  I´m going to apologize in advance for this email.  Well, tomorrow there and changes, and guess what?  I´m staying here in Chiqui.  So here´s to starting my 5th change in this area.  I thought for sure that I was going to have changes, but I guess there is still something that I need to do here.

     Not much happened this week, so i´ts going to be kind of boring...  But I hope that you will all be at least a little inspired by this email.

     First off, I want to tell you guys about a convert that the other elders baptized this week.  They´ve only known this 21 year old guy for about 3 weeks, but he was so ready.  Actually, he was the one who found the missionaries, because he felt impressed to talk to them.  The first Sunday that he came to church, in the Gospel Priciples class, he bore his testimony about Joseph Smith and his story.  Man it was so powerful, and it was only after 4 days of knowing about the missionaries!  And the next day, he went to a secluded spot in the woods to read the BoM and pray, and received his answer to be baptized.  And he knew he needed to do it, and he was dedicated.

     But it doesn´t end there.  As soon as he met the missionaries, his life spiraled downward.  In the course of two weeks, he got thrown out of his house, was robbed, beaten up, basically all sorts of things that could´ve happened.  But he was set.  I remember talking to him one Sunday after church, and he said, "If Nephi had the strength to get through his trials, I know that I can."  

     Just watching him grow has been great for me.  Even though he wasn´t my investigator, it was a real life testifying experience that God does prepare people.  All we need to do is make sure we are doing the things we need to do, and the Lord will provide.  Alma 16:16

     President Bautista is really stressing the need for us to always be looking for new investigators.  That is one of the most important stats we have.  Because if we are just focusing on some people, and not looking for others, when the people that we are focusing on don´t progress or are baptized, we have nothing to fall on.  He really stresses how we need to be missionaries in every aspect.  I love that guy, and am learning a lot from him.

     In my scripture study this week, I came across a passage of scripture that I really like.  In Mosiah 5:1-5, it talks about a change that can occur within us.  I had used that scripture previously in my mission for investigators, but while reading it this week, I applied it to myself.  I´m pretty sure that every one of us has felt the spirit so strong at some point, and in that moment, we don´t even think about doing anything wrong.  But that doesn´t last forever, because we are all imperfect.  But if we can always remember the mighty change that has occured within us, we can be better every day.

     This really hasn´t been the most exciting email, so sorry about that.  There have to be weeks like that sometimes, right?  But Elder Josec and I have put some really good goals to start of February right, so I´m stoked for that.  I love you all so much!  Until next time!

     - Elder Stuart

     P.S. Ether 12:33-34  A really great scripture about charity.  And I´m going to copy/paste something that Elder Zimmerman shared in his email, cause it´s really good.

Faith: Our relationship/love with Deity
Hope: Our relationship/love with Ourselves
Charity: Our relationship/love with Others.

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