Sunday, February 9, 2014


What do you get when you are in Guatemala with food that doesn´t agree with your stomach, very cheap toilet paper, and a lot of time and patience?  This.

Just another beautiful picture of Guatemala.
We were walking down the street one day when we see a huge crowd of people.  So naturally, we go to see what´s going on.  Turns out a cow fell in a drainage hole, and people were trying to pull it out.  So we helped out.  In this picture, I´m just off to the left.  And the hole is on the right.
Here´s the cow in the hole.
 This is a painting of one of the lakes here in Guatemala, Lago Atitlán.  This is really what it looks like too.  So beautiful.  (Also, there is a lot of speculation that this might be the Waters of Mormon.)
This is the morning of the baptism that was supposed to start at 11:00.  No one was there!  Not even Cindy and her kids!  The curse of GMST (Guatemalan Mormon Standard Time).
Cindy and her kids.
The family and I!
Getting ready for the baptism!
The turnout of the baptism.
Some kid playing in church.  Made me laugh.

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