Sunday, February 23, 2014

What a Week(end)!

Hello Family!  This has been one of those weeks where I`m just so happy to be a missionary.  This work is absolutely amazing, and I`m so grateful to be part of it.  I`ve got to do as much good as possible while I`m here in Guatemala, and I`m ready to do it.

     As you can all tell, this week is highlighted by the weekend, so I`ll start there.  On Saturday, Cruz was baptized!  It was a really spiritual service, and a really meaningful one for me also, because it was one of the baptisms that we had to work hard for.  I want to tell you guys a little bit how it happened, so you all know.

     Cruz was in the States when I got here, and also when Martha (his wife) and the whole family got baptized.  So in November, when we heard that he was going to come here, we thought we would get a good baptism easy.  But when he got here, and we tried to talk to him, he didn`t want anything to do with us.  And that continued for a couple of weeks.

     Then one week we had an activity at the temple, and Martha wanted to go.  Cruz ended up taking them to the temple, with plans to just go home right away.  But Martha ended up convincing him to stay, so he did.  And he loved it!  He felt the spirit so strong, and the next time we went to their house, he stayed to talk with us!  And he even came to chruch the next week!  

     But, the thing was is that he hada lot of problems that he needed to get fixed, but he was willing to do it.  It took some time, but he did it!  And he ended up being baptized.  What a journey that was for me!  I loved it, especially because it ended up great!  Haha but that was Saturday.

     Short story really quick.  On Saturday morning, we went to go fill up the baptismal font, but figured out there was no water...  Great.  So we left and decided to try again in the afternoon.  Well, there still wasn`t water...  So we had to think fast, and ended up asking for water hoses from all the neighbors, and planned to ask water from a neighbor to fill it up.  Well, long story short, after a few broken hoses, neighbors leaving, and all that stuff, we decided to just change chapels.  So we went to the next ward over.  Satan was trying to stop the baptism, but he couldn`t!

     Sunday was also a very special day.  I would dare say that it was my favorite Sacrament meeting in church in the mission.  A couple of things happened.  Cindy, who was baptized three weeks ago gave the opening prayer, and did amazing!  I got to confirm Cruz a member of the church.  (I also got to baptize him).  The Stake President was there, and gave an amazing talk.  It was just a very powerful and spritual meeting.  A great sunday overall.

     And today, we went to some tourist spot all the way up the mountain in Xela.  It was really fun.  There were hot springs (couldn`t get in...), a great lookout, and an awesome restaurant.  It was really fun, and it made me remember a lot of Italy for some reason... But that was really fun.

     Wow... This has been a long email.  But I`ll end now, so that you all don`t get bored!  Jaja but seriously, it`s been an amazing week.  A week I`ll never forget.  Until next time!

     - Elder Stuart

     P.S. Moroni 6:1-3

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