Sunday, February 23, 2014


Us coming back home a long ways from our area, and someone was nice enough to give us a ride back!

After lunch one day.  Just look at all of those lemons that we ate...

Someone shut the door to the baptismal font while the water was still going, and we didn`t have a key.  So someone had to climb the glass, hop over, and turn it off.  And that someone was me!

Cruz, Elder Josec, and I.

I`m pretty sure the picture says it all.

Cruz and his wife, Martha, after the baptism.

Just a normal occurance in Guatemala.  A dog walking down the street with some meat in his mouth.  Although we aren`t sure what it is...  We`ve narrowed it down to intestine, or cat brain...  We just don`t know where he got it from..

Some jumping pictures!

The volcano Santa María in Xela.

Walking up to Zunil today.

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