Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas is Near!‏

     Hello Family!  Well, it is the Christmas Season!  It really has been weird to not be there with you guys this year, but we will make it work!  Not gonna lie, it will be really weird and really homesick not being with you guys, but what we are all sacrificing is worth it in the long run!  And I get to call you guys, so that will make up for it!  By the way, the information about the call home.  So the best way to do it is I am going to call you for about 1 minute, just to get the number to you guys, and then you should call me right back.  The reason is that we don`t have that much money on the phones that we are using, so they have the families pay for it.  So yeah.  I am going to try and call in the morning, so I can get everyone there.  Probably at around 8 or something.  I don`t know, I sent a quick letter to you to figure it out, so hopefully you can get it right now!  But I can`t wait for it!  I can`t wait to hear your voices again!  Hopefully everything works out!  

     So this week has been pretty good!  We definitely felt the Christmas Spirit with us this week.  It was a lot easier to talk to people here at this time, because they usually are really open with talking about Christ.  So when we prepared a message about the birth of Christ and all that, they were really open and talking to us!  So we had a little more success than we usually have this week!  It has been nice!  

     Also, the members there in Pancà are so nice!  Even though they don`t have as much to give, they have been so generous with us, inviting us to their houses to eat, and to share the Christmas Spirit with them.  Another cool thing was that almost everyone wanted to eat with us today.  I should say first, that the 24, today, is the big day for them to celebrate.  The 25 is just meh, but the huge day is the 24.  But the thing is, that all the missionaries in Momos are in Momos right now, and we are all going to pass the day here.  So unfortunately we couldn`t spend Noche Buena with the people in Pancà, but we will return tomorrow, and we are planning to have a Christmas dinner with a family there, so that should be good!  

     So yeah, we are in Momos right now, but we actually got here yesterday afternoon.  The reason was that the whole Zone got together with the stake choir here, and we went caroling!  It was so fun!  And what made it funner, is that three of the missionaries brought guitars that they have, and they played with us!  Also, another Elder brought a Ukelele, but he didn`t want to play it, so he gave it to me and taught me some chords.  So in about 20 minutes, I picked up the ukelele, learned it, and then was playing it with the others!  It was way fun!  Who would have thought that I would have learned how to play the ukelele on the mission!  I know that I didn`t!  But it was an absolute blast!

     And there you have it!  That has been my week so far!  But we have plans to eat here with members in Momos until tomorrow afternoon!  That`s like four meals in a row with members, which is pretty much heaven for a missionary!  It is going to be a lot of food, that`s for sure!  But I am really looking forward to the packages that you sent me!  I have them here, and I will open them tomorrow!  I am so excited, but the biggest thing is going to be able to talk to you all.  I can`t wait!  Merry Christmas Everyone!  I don`t really have a specific scripture this week, but Luke 2 should be good, for the birth of Jesus Christ.  I love you all, and I hope that you have a great Christmas!  Until Next Time!  (Which really will be tomorrow for you guys!)

     - Elder Stuart

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