Sunday, December 9, 2012

Crazy Things Coming Up!

     Hello Family!  Well I don`t know about you guys, but my week has been absolutely crazy!  All I can say is that a lot is going to change in the coming months.  Because guess what?  I am going to be a trainer for a new missionary!  Already!  We went down to Xela on Thrusday for a Multi-Zone Conference, and on the bus ride there, my Zone Leader told me that I am going to be training someone!  It blew my mind!  I really didn`t even know what to think!  I mean, I`m still in training myself, and as soon as I am done, I am going to have to show a new missionary the ropes, when I don`t even know them that well myself!  But I have faith that the Lord will help me through it, because I know that this calling is from the Lord.  It still is going to be crazy!  Which means that I will be in Pancà for at least another 12 weeks!  But it is crazy how many missionaries are coming in these next couple of transfers.  I`m pretty sure it is because of the new age change, and the flood is starting to come!  

     So basically I haven`t been in my area for the whole week.  As you know, last week we had P-Day on Wednesday, and then on Thursday, we had the multi zone confrerence.  After I figured out that I was going to be training, I was told that I had to be in Xela the next day on Friday for a meeting for all the new trainers!  So I did that on friday.  (By the way, out of the 11 missionaries that came to the field in my group, 7 of us are training already!  Maybe that shows that we are a good group or something!)  I wasn`t able to return to Momos until Friday night, and there is no way that we can get to Pancà in the night, so we stayed in Momos until Saturday morning, and took the first truck that we could to get to Pancà.

     Since we were only in Pancà for two days, it was mainly just saying goodbyes to everyone for Elder Maldonado.  Not gonna lie, it got me a little sad.  Because my relationship has been really good with him.  He is a really cool guy, and a great missionary too!  It definitely is going to be really weird without him as my companion now, especially because I have to take the reigns!  But I`m excited for it.  

     We left Pancà for Elder Maldonado`s last time on Sunday Afternoon, so that we could catch the Christmas Devotional in Momos, seeing as there is no way to see it in Pancà.  The devotional was really good!  Even though it was all in Spanish, I understood almost every part of it!  It really boosted my confidence in my Spanish, which I am going to need it if I train a Gringo right?  But I really enjoyed it, especially the Christmas Music.  There really are few things that are better then Christmas music.  Although it did make me miss home a little bit, it still was really good to see.  

     Which reminds me, so about packages, I have heard that if you put a picture of Jesus on the box, that it has a higher chance to get here.  I know that it is too late for the packages that you have already sent, but it is just for future reference.  But I have faith that the packages will get here!

     So yeah, gonna be a crazy week next week, but I feel ready for it, and I hope that it will continue to be good!  Thank you all for your support as always, and know that I am thinking of you guys always!  Wish me luck on my coming week!  Until Next Time!

     - Elder Stuart

     P.S.  The Scripture is Ether 12:4, a really good scripture on hope!

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