Monday, December 17, 2012

Crazy First Week!

     Hello Family!  Well this week has been kind of crazy!  But I´ve got a new kid now!  (That´s what they call it here, the trainers are dads and the trainees are kids.)  His name is Elder Mar, and what do ya know, he´s from Mexico, just like Elder Maldonado.  Looks like I am just bringing all of Mexico to Pancá!  So now officially I am a Senior Companion!  I can´t believe how fast it went!  But we have been working hard so far in Pancá, and it has been pretty good so far!

     So on Tuesday, we all went down to Xela to drop everyone off that had changes, and also all the trainers too.  I had to say goodbye to Elder Maldonado for the last time, which was kind of sad, but that´s how the mission goes I guess.  The trainers had to wait in Xela until about 3 for the new missionaries to arrive, so we went to the distribution center at the temple.  The temple is so beautiful up close, so we took some pictures to kill some time.  Afterwords, we headed to the Mission Home to pick up our kids!  It was kind of nerve wracking to find out who I was going to train, just like when I figured out who was going to train me!  Not that long ago!  So after I figured out that I was going to train Elder Mar, they shared a quick message, and then we went back to momos with all the other missionaries there.  Just so you know, there are now 9 companionships out of 13 in Momos that are involved in training, which shows how many new missionaries are coming in!

     Unforntunately, we didn´t get the chance to return to Pancá until Wednesday, so we stayed the night at the Zone Leader´s house.  Looking at Elder Mar, I saw me 3 months ago, so blown away with what just happened, so I helped him out.  But we finally got back to Pancá, and he was stunned, just like I was.  I felt bad though, because as soon as we got there, he slipped in the dirt, and got dust all over his suit.  Quite the welcome to Pancá I think!  But it has been really good since then.

     We really have gotten a lot done, because with his excitement as a new missionary, it helps me get excited, so we got a lot done.  We really just visited everyone that I know this week, letting him get to know the area.  It has been really good.  Although the one family that I wanted to visit, The Cruz Baten family who are investigators, weren´t home all week, so it was kind of dissapointing. But we talked with him on the telephone, and he said that we could come over on Thursday, so that should be good!

     So yeah, it has been a really good week.  A little different, but I´m getting used to it!  And to top it all off, I got my first packages!!!!!!  All I know is that I have gotten two, a box and an evelope type thing, but is really full.  I haven´t really looked at them yet, but I got them!  So we know that it is somewhat working!  But thank you so much for sending them to me!  And thank you for your support always!  I love you all!  Until Next Time!

     - Elder Stuart

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