Sunday, August 11, 2013

Awesome Week!

     Hello Family!  This week was so awesome!  We had a lot of things go on this week, so I´m gonna try and tell you all what happened!

     So the biggest thing:  THE MUÑOZ FAMILY WAS BAPTIZED!  YES!!!  I´m so freakin happy right now I can´t even explain it.  They were baptized on Saturday morning.  It was very cloudy and a little rainy, just like any other Guatemalan day!  Haha but that didn´t stop the amazing feeling that we all felt that day.  Angelica, Henry, and Amary were all baptized, and I was so happy!  Haha I just can´t stop saying how happy I am!  All the frustrations of the past couple months, and the discouragement, and all that junk doesn´t even come close to the amazing feeling of hard work paying off!  You just have to keep up the work, and it pays off!

     They really are a very special family.  Like last week, they were already talking as if they were members!  We are trying now to get them excited to go to the temple as soon as possible!  That really is the best way to keep them really strong in the Gospel.  The spirit that is at the temple is unlike any other.  So we are going to try and get them to go next week!  (So that we´ll be able to go also!)  They have already talked about going, so now we just need to give them the push to do it!

     Just to show that this week was so crazy, we still have some crazy news coming up:  I had EMERGENCY CHANGES again!  Less than two weeks, and Elder Tufiño already is gone!  How quick was that?  So what they did is they took the two companionships in Chinique, took out Elder Tufiño, and now we are in a trio, with me and the other companionship!  So now Elder Glass (from North Carolina) and Elder Vasquez (from Perú) are my comps!  

     Poor Elder Tufiño...  He had changes on Friday, and the baptism was on Saturday... He missed it by one day!   And freaking Elder Glass and Vasquez, they got three baptisms just handed to them!  Lucky ducks!  Haha

     But it´s been awesome so far being in a trio with them.  We basically have all of our investigators, plus all of theirs, so we are really busy!  We have a BUNCH of progressing investigators now, so we have a lot of work to do!  But I love it!

     I moved all my stuff to their house, so now I´m living there.  (Which means I have hot water to bathe in again!  About time...)

     So yeah, a lot happened this week, and it was so awesome!  But now we just have to get back to work and find the next family to be baptized!  I love this feeling, I´m on just such a big spiritual high, and I never want to come down!  

     I love you all so much, and I hope that you all had great weeks!  Until Next Time!

     - Elder Stuart

     P.S. Alma 42:31

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