Sunday, August 18, 2013

This Week in Chinique‏

     Hello Family!  I´m just chillin here in Chinique still!  It´s been great, I´ve been loving my time here in the mission these past couple of days.  (I think it´s because of the Muñoz family lifting my spirits.  They are so awesome!)  I´ve developed a new love for the work, and I love it every time that it happens!  It just makes the work that much better when you are out here!  Like Dad always says "Learn to love work."

     It´s been a great week this week.  I´m still with Elder Glass and Elder Vasquez in a trio.  Although we have been getting along really good, and we are working hard, there is something about trios that I don´t really like...  I don´t know what exactly, but yeah.  Changes are this coming week, and I´m fairly sure that I´m going to another area, so not much more time in a trio!  

     Okay, something way cool happened this week.  A convert of just a few months ago was baptized with one of her sons.  They have two other sons that are at the age of baptism, but she has been hesitant having them be baptized, because the dad isn´t really a fan of it.  But we went to go visit her this week, and out of the blue she told us that she wants them to be baptized as soon as possible!  We were stunned, because we didn´t say anything about it, but she wants it done!  So maybe they will be baptized this Saturday, but if not, it´s going to be soon!  I love the mission just for that!  MIRACLES!

     We have been focusing a lot on our recent converts that we have, because a really sad thing that happens here is that the members here don´t really know exactly why they are going to church, so when something happens to challenge their testimony, they fall away.  So we are really making sure that it doesn´t happen to our converts, especially the Muñoz family!  That family is something else!

     We have really been trying to invite everyone of our investigators to baptism, and having them accept a set date.  It´s crazy, because PMG says that we should try and put one in the first lesson that we have with them.  I have always thought that it is way crazy and way too fast, and they will feel pressured.  But I realized that PMG is inspired, written by the Apostles themselves, so I´m thinking they probably know what they are doing!  Haha so we are trying that out, and I´ts been good so far.  We put 4 baptismal dates that people accepted this week!  It was awesome!  We are thinking that maybe half fall through, so that means that 2 people can be baptized soon!  We´re gonna work to see it though!

     So this Saturday, a Gringo came to Chinique!  He visited a lot of people in Chinique, but we never saw him.  But it was way cool to hear a bunch of the members talk about him, and the impact that he had on them.  It just shows how much missionaries can impact the lives of others!  We just have to make it happen!

     Man, I wish that I could send videos home to you guys.  We made a "music video" of one of the Nashville Tribute Band songs, and recorded it.  It was so dang funny!  Elder Vasquez was just rediculous!  (Spelling?  I can´t spell anymore...)  When I get back home, I´ll share with you guys all the videos that I have!

     We had an awesome lesson with some less actives, Luis and Margarita, this week.  So powerful.  They had been having a lot of problems with their marriage, and they were thinking about separating.  So we shared a lesson with them about love and how they can love each other.  All in all, and the end, they hugged and Luis started crying...  Wow, what a moment.  I´m definitely going to remember that feeling for a long time.  Nothing is as powerful as love guys!  Remember that!

     Really, I´ve been enjoying a lot my time as a missionary recently.  I don´t know what it is, but I love it!  I hope that it never ends!  

     I love you all so much, and thanks for everything!  Until Next Time!

     - Elder Stuart

     P.S.  Alma 26:27 

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