Sunday, August 25, 2013

Last Week in Chinique!

   Hello Family!  What´s up guys?  I hope you all had a good week this week!  Well, I just spent my last week here in Chinique.  I´m currently in Chinique still, but later tonight I´ll head to Quiché, and in the morning I´ll go to Xela where they will tell me where I´m going!  So I don´t know yet where I´m going, but there´s a lot of options for me now!  We´ll see where I go!

     This week was a good week for us.  Of course, it wasn´t perfect, but I´ll take what God gives me... Which just happened to be two baptisms this Saturday!!!  A recent convert, Marta, and her oldest son were baptized like 3 weeks ago.  But she had two other sons, 11 and 9, who weren´t baptized because 1. They weren´t really ready yet, and 2. Because the dad wasn´t really gung ho about the whole thing.  But we spent a lot of time with them these last two weeks, and we succeeded in helping them gain a testimony (you should hear them sing the primary songs!) and helping the dad out with letting them get baptized.  So Saturday they were baptized!  It was very special and just a great experience for me.

     After the baptism, we had a branch activity!  It was a talent show type of thing, where we saw a bunch of skits, and some people singing.  It was way fun, way funny, and just a good way to spend time getting the branch more unified.  Us missionaries did a skit about David and Goliath, and I was Goliath.  (Apparently according to Jeffery I´m 6´3 and 200 lbs.  I not quite there yet!)  It was way funny, and I got pegged in the mouth with a paper ball. When I get home I´ll show you guys the video!

     But not everything was all fine and dandy with the activity.  While we were getting it planned and everything, the branch kind of separated and got mad at each other.  People everywhere, just love the people in your ward/branch and everything will be so much better.  We had to deal with that for this week, which was not fun.  But we just all need to learn how to be more unified and how to love each other.  Which went along great with the class I gave in Elder´s Quorum this week in the Lorenzo Snow book.  Chapter 16, read it when you have the chance!

     Not much else happened during the week, just going around doing what we do best!  It´s been a good time here working with Elder Glass and Vasquez, but I´m ready to go to a normal two person companionship.  Ya feel me?  Maybe not, but trust me on this one, trios are weird...

     I hope you are all doing well, in whatever part of the world you are in.  We can all make a difference wherever we are, we just have to put in our part.  So just do work!  Until Next Time!

     - Elder Stuart

     P.S. Alma 42:15

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