Sunday, August 18, 2013


This is the India Quiche factory.  (Jeffrey hopefully you´ll be seeing a lot of this!)  India Quiche is the biggest soft drink factory in Guatemala.  And this is the center of it.  Basically it´s like walking down the street and seeing the Coke factory.  And we just happen to pass by it every P-Day!

We helped some investigators decorate a car for a parade!  It was fun, but very time consuming!  (So yes, Dad, I´m ready to help you out next year!)

Another photo with me and the parade car!

Saying goodbye to the Muñoz family for Elder Aguilar.

My last photo with Elder Aguilar, which just happens to be at about 4:30 in the morning!

We passed by an investigators house, and they had just gotten back from redneck hunting.  And something tells me that they ate that this week...  Well, that´s Guatemala for you!  (Get ready Jeffrey!)

Just walking down the street when something caught my eye.  I found a freakin Utah lisence plate all the way here in Chinique!

Elder Tufiño and I!

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