Sunday, March 24, 2013


This is a big Catholic church that is in Quichè!  It is in the center of everything in the city, and I just had to take a picture for you guys!  

On our same adventure trip, we found a mini waterfall!  Not as big as the waterfall in Pancà, but hey, I`ve had waterfalls in all of my areas so far!...   which is a grand total of two!  Haha

This is my district!  We have (from left to right, back to front) Elder Riera (my companion), Elder Berrios, Elder Salgado, Elder Cruz, Elder Carter (my district leader), me, Sister Calderon, Sister Cornejo, Sister Mejia, and Sister Folland.  Also, I don`t remember if I told you, but Sister Folland was in the Guatemala MTC with me, and she is from Bountiful!  She went to Bountiful High, but I don`t know her.  So if you guys know any Follands, let me know!

I got a package from Cole Davis this week, and he sent me the Pokemon Gym Badges!  So I am definitely using them on my backpack right now.  I don`t know if you can see them really well on this picture, but I hope that you can!

All of us four misisonaries in Chinique went to go exploring with some investigators, and we found these caves!  Apparently, it was a hiding spot for some criminals a while back, and they hid all of the stuff that they were stealing in these caves!  Cool, huh?

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