Sunday, March 3, 2013

Quite the Week

    Hello Family!  Well, as you can see from the title of my email, this really has been quite the week.  But it sure did make for some good stories, so here I go!

     First things first, I didn´t tell you last week because I didn´t want to scare you guys, but we got robbed last Thursday.  A bunch of our stuff was missing, the biggest thing being a USB and a speaker that I had bought to listen to church music.   We wanted to try and find out who had done it without getting a bunch of people involved.  We honestly had no idea who did it, until this Saturday. 

     Also, the miracle family that I told you guys about a couple weeks back, well, the dad just died this week...  We knew he was in the hospital for something, but we didn´t know that it was so serious!  So yeah, one of our investigators passed away this week...  and we don´t really know what to think about it!

      It seems like Satan is really working in Pancá, and now it is our turn to do our work.  We know that these things happen, and we are trying to see it in a good light.  With the family that stole our stuff, it seems like this would be a really good opportunity for us to talk about repentance, and how one of the first steps to repentance is baptism.  So you never know, it could turn out good for us!  And with the family where the dad died, we can help them get their affairs in order to gain their confidence, and then talk about the Plan of Salvation, and tell them that they have the chance to see him again as part of their family.  So even though some things happen, I am always trying to see the best out of it, and see what I can make of it!

     On a happier note, this month is going to be the month with the most baptisms for President Bautista, which is about a year and a half´s worth of time!  I don´t know the exact number, but hey, that is a really good thing!  Even though I didn´t contribute to it, as I would have liked, it is still way cool to see that the work of the Lord is going forward!  I love you all, and thank you for your support!  Until Next Time!

     - Elder Stuart 

     P.S. The scripture for this week is Alma 37:37.  We should always have the Lord with us, in our thoughts and actions.  

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