Sunday, May 12, 2013

Enjoying Being A Missionary!

     Hello Family!  Hope that you all had a great week!  With Dinner Theater opening up and all, I`m sure that it has been a really busy week for you guys, especially Ryan and Mom!  But that`s what makes it fun, right?  I hope that you are really enjoying what you all are doing!

     This week was just another week in the mission.  Although I have been thinking a lot about what I am doing as a missionary.  I feel like I have gotten into a routine, and that I am not being as effective as I can be.  So I really took time to think about new ways to share the gospel, be a great missionary, and still have fun in the meantime!  Because really, this gospel is all about happiness, joy, and love.  So I should be feeling those feelings every time that I share the gospel.  So I`m going to try harder this coming week to really enjoy the work in a new and unique way!

     Something really sad this week.  This past Thursday, a member of our branch passed away from cancer.  She had been in the hospital the whole time I`ve been here, so I really didn`t know her, but still, it is a really sad thing to happen here.  Although she had really lived a good life (She`s pretty old), she and her husband had a goal to go to the temple to be sealed this year.  So hopefully that can still happen as long as he proves to be faithful.  We went to go support him, but we could see that he is really having a hard time, so that just means that he needs the gospel more than ever.

     Something special that I want to share with you guys.  We have been focusing a lot on one of our investigators this week, who is Milset, the investigator that I told you about a couple weeks back who watched the video about Joseph Smith.  We have really been trying to challenge her to be baptized, because we feel like she wants to.  We have really focused on her getting to pray, because she has yet to pray about the BoM and about what we are teaching her.  We really stressed the importance of prayer, and during it, I really felt my testimony of prayer grow as well.  I really thought about it, and prayer is a really powerful tool that our loving Heavenly Father has given us, so we should really take advantage of it!

     Also, something else really cool, is while Milset and her 7 year old son came to church with us. (YESS!!)  It was testimony meeting, so we felt that would be a really good meeting for them as their first time, but little did we know how good it would be!  As we were hearing the testimonies, we saw the Branch President`s son get up to bear his testimony.  He is friends with Milsets son, Victor, and when Victor saw Carlos (The President`s son) get up, Victor got up too!  Apparently he wanted to bear his testimony on his first visit to church!  How cool is that?  So Carlos bore his testimony, and then he whispered into the ear of Victor what he should say!  Carlos is a champion!  Victor was so happy when he finished, but I don`t think that he was as happy as I was!  A really neat experience for sure!

     So yeah, there you all go!  My past week!  I don`t know though, I feel a little down for some reason.  But I don`t think it is much, and when I talk to you guys this week, that will really help!  I love to know that you guys are always here for me, and I can`t thank you all enough!

     Just want to leave you with my short testimony.  This gospel is the source of all happiness in the world, I am 100% sure about it.  I have seen so many lives being blessed because of  this gospel, and it just makes me so happy to be part of a force that is bringing all this happiness to all the world!  There is always a reason to smile, because we have a knowledge about the truth!  I love this gospel so much, and I am so stoked to be a missionary!  

     Thank you all for your letters and everything!  I love you all so much!  Until Next Time!

     - Elder Stuart

     P.S.  The scripture for you is Romans 1:16.  A classic, but I really love it as a missionary!

     Also, remember that the Plan of our Heavenly Father is also called the Plan of Happiness!!! :)

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