Sunday, May 19, 2013


Last week, two missionaries from the branch that I am working in got back from their missions!  And we just happened to pass by when they got to Chinique!  So of course I took a photo with them!

We celebrated both the birthday of Elder Berrios´ Girlfriend and Cinco de Mayo this day!  We baked a cake and everything in the church, it was fun!

It was absolutely DOWNPOURING this day, so of course I had to take a picture, enjoying the rain!  (At least it wasn´t snowing...)

We were helping out a member in the forest when we saw something on the ground.  We got closer, and we found it was a baby owl!  How crazy is that???  So now the member family is taking care of it.  But still, crazy!

We bought some tortillas for the Mother´s Day Activity that we had in the church, and I was the one who had to carry it to the church.  So I decided to carry it like a pure Guatemalan!  (They all carry baskets and all sorts of things on their heads like this!)

Part of the Mother´s Day Activity!  The Elders of the Elders Quorum made a bunch of food on the BBQ, and it was way good!

The actividad!  All the material that you can see the majority of the ladies wearing is the "corte" that I was telling you guys about.

Hey!  It´s you guys!  Haha  (Ignore the big fat forehead in the corner...)

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