Monday, May 27, 2013


My house!  Finally for you guys to see!  The first three photos show the outside of my house, where we walk around and stuff.

The fourth is the pila where we store water and wash clothes and dishes

The fifth is my bathroom!  (A lot better than Pancá, huh?)

Numbers 6, 7, and 8 is my changing room, where we have all of our clothes.

Numbers 9 and 10 is our study room.

Numbers 11 and 12 is our kitchen.

Numbers 13 and 14 is our bedroom.
So we have two separate doors.  One leads to the changing room and the study room.  The other leads to the kitchen and the bedroom.  So there you have it!  My house!

It was Elder Cruz´s birthday on the 13th, and he was stuck in his house with Chicken Pox...  What a great birthday, right?  So at night, we bought him a cake and celebrated just us four missionaries!  I mean, he had to celebrate his 20th birthday!  So we made it happen!

Well...  We weren´t perfect in making popcorn...  We burned a couple pieces!  Haha

We had an activity in the church on Friday, where we had our own little "Movie Theater."  We supplied the popcorn, and it was way fun to make!  Especially because we made it the old fashioned way!  

The Zone of Quiché!

Me riding in a bus full of Mormons!  We had to rent a bus to take to Quiché, because we had our District Conference (which is like Stake Conference) this Sunday.  So we all piled in a bus and made the drive!  It was awesome to see the bus so piled up, and know that they were all members!

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