Sunday, June 9, 2013


Look at the men`s bathroom after church last week!  Haha!  (Don`t worry, it`s not what you think it is... It`s mud!  Haha)

This is the last photo that I have of Elder Riera and I.  We traded ties, and we are holding the ones that we traded.  Although we did have a lot of differences, we were friends in the end, which is what matters!

Just the view of Chinique when I wake up in the morning.  I just thought I`d share the beauty with you all!

We have a land line as a telephone, when pretty much all the other areas have cell phones.  It wasn`t working the other night, and I was just about to destroy it!  Haha but not really.... or maybe?

Today, we went to Chichicastenango again for P-Day.  We passed by a little lake/pond thing, where there were some boats on the water.  It looked cool, so I`ll send it to you guys!

Elder Berrios and I in the microbus to Chichi!   

The Arch of Chichi!  This is like a famous monument in Chichi that was built in 1935 or something like that.  I thought it looked cool!

On top of the Arch that I just told you about!  

I saw a lot of colorful houses in the distance today, and I thought it looked cool and cheerful, so I took a picture!  I asked what it was, and it turns out to be a graveyard.... Well, there goes all of the cheerfulness!  Haha

We went to go look at some statues in Chichi, and they were pretty cool!  

Most of the statues that we went to go see.

Just look at that and guess what it is!  Do you have your guess!  It`s a tombstone!  Cool I guess.

The city of Chichi and I!  Haha

The city of Chichi.  Looks like a typical city right?  Haha for Guatemala that is! 

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