Sunday, June 30, 2013

Quite the Week!

    Hello Family!  Well, I can say that this week has definitely been a very interesting week, not to mention a little bit frustruating, but that`s how life is!  Haha but I`m still loving the work here, and it`s going great!

     Sooo..  First things first, Isabel.  Well, bad news is that she wasn`t totally prepared to be baptized this week, so that didn`t happen.  We were really discouraged after the lesson that we had with her, and we were about to give up hope...  BUT!  We had a ward baptism this Saturday, and Isabel said that she would love to come to it, and she did!  So she isn`t completely a lost cause, because she is still interested, but we are going to have to work a bit more with her so that she can gain a stronger testimony.

     Other than her, really we don`t have anyone that really wants to keep their commitments...  We have been trying really hard this week to find some new investigators, whether by knocking doors, contacting references, or who knows!  We have been focusing on that a lot, and it seems to be working a little bit.  But it`s just not the same as teaching a lesson to someone that is progressing.  But you have to start somewhere, right?  I guess that`s why this week wasn`t that exciting, but the next coming weeks should be promising!

     I`m loving the Conference Editon of the Ensign that you sent to me, thank you so much for that!

     On Sunday, we watched that Worldwide Leadership Training Transmission, which was awesome!  I learned a lot from it, and of course, it made me just that much more excited to work in the greatest work there is, preaching the gospel!  I also saw a couple of my friends in the choir which was awesome!

     Just sitting here in a public internet place, where it is playing nonstop Lil Wayne.  Gotta love it.. ;)

     I GET TO GO TO THE TEMPLE TOMORROW!  WOO HOO!  Since I`m nearing a year in the mission, I have the chance to go to the temple here in Quetzaltenango!  We have to get on a bus tomorrow at 3:30 in the morning, but it is going to be worth it!  So glad that I have a temple in my mission!  (Sorry to those who don`t...)

     Well, that`s about all for this week!  Love you all so much!  Until Next Time!

     ¡Nojim K`ishb`ek!

     - Elder Stuart

     P.S.  D+C 100:5-6

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