Sunday, June 9, 2013

Whoa... I`m almost 20!!!

     Hello Family!  Well, I`m about to be 20 this week!  It feels so weird, like it basically just creeped up on me...  Well, I`m about to be one year older and wiser too, so that helps! (Haha)  But other than me about to be older, it`s going to feel just like any other day.  I am thinking of going to the Branch Presidents house to cook brownies in their oven, (because we don`t have one...) so that could happen!  But thank you all for the birthday wishes, it really means a lot to me!  

     Well, this week has been really great for me!  I`ve got a new companion now, his name is Elder Aguilar.  He is from Honduras, and he entered the mission the same day as I did!  So we have the same exact time in the mission!  That`s pretty cool I guess..  But he has really made me find the excitement in the work again!  We are focusing all of our efforts and all of our time in Chinique to be able to baptize this month of June.  The city needs more members, so we are going to make that happen!  I feel really good about this month, so we are going to make it happen, instead of just hoping that it is going to happen!

     We have a couple of investigators that really are able to be baptized this month. The one that we are really focusing on is Isabel.  She works for the Branch President`s wife, so we have been teaching her there.  She wants to learn a lot from us, and I feel like she has the desire to be baptized, but her husband doesn`t really want her to, and she lacks the courage to make her own desicions...  So we are going to go and talk with the husband, and see if we can have him let her be baptized!  

     We also have Milset, who I have talked about before.  She really have obtained a testimony of the BoM, and the church in general, but there is a problem...  She got in a fight with a member her, and since both of them are really prideful, neither of them wants to apoligize...  So Milset wants to come to church, but not if it means that she has to be in the same room as the member.... Great.  Lesson for all of us: Don`t let your pride get in the way of someone`s salvation!  Geez...  So we are working so that when Milset gains a more powerful testimony, she will feel that desire to be less prideful, and ask for perdon.  So yeah..

     And then there is Miguel Angel.  We met him a while back, helping to carry a table to his house (which was about 40 minutes away... kill me) and he asked if he could get a BoM in English...  That was cool!  So we have been talking with him, because he has a testimony about the BoM.  He wants to be baptized, but there is a catch...  He wants to finish the BoM first, and then read the whole Bible, and THEN get baptized...  Well, that`s a problem...  We shared Mosiah 18:10 with him, and asked him why he wants to postpone all of the blessings that he could recieve. That was the last lesson that we had with him, and we are going to meet with him tomorrow, so we will see how that goes!

      Really, time has been flying by for me!  It`s just like a phrase that Ashley Lovell shared with me in the MTC:  The days feel like weeks, and the weeks feel like days.  Basically, the time seems normal during the day, but when I look back, Holy Cow!  I`ve already been out for almost 11 months!!  Where the heck did the time go?  I need it back!  Haha but seriously, I really need to make the best of it, because it is really short!  So that`s my goal from now on, to make the best of every moment!  I have two years to serve, and the rest of my life to think about it.  So why not?  

     I love that I have been able to be a lot more excited about the work this week.  I mean, it is the best work that I could be doing right now, so why not enjoy it?  Haha

      Thank you all always for all the support, especially this week with my birthday!  It really means a lot hearing from all of you.  I love you all so much!  Take care, and I`ll talk to you all next week!  Until Next Time!

     - Elder Stuart

     P.S.  Well, I already shared a scripture (Mosiah 18:10) that I really liked, but I`ll give you all another one.  1 Nephi 20:10

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