Sunday, June 2, 2013


    Hello Family!  We are in the week of changes!  How crazy is it that changes are already here again?  (Even though it doesn`t really mean much to you guys... but anyways..)  Well, this time we do have changes here in Chinique, sad to say.  My companion, Elder Riera, is leaving, along with Elder Cruz of the other companionship.  So Elder Berrios and I will both be getting new companions tomorrow.  The thing is, that we won`t know who they are until they get here!  The suspense is killing me!  Haha but I know it`s a lot worse for the missionaries that don`t know where they will be going yet...  But yeah, there`s a change in the air!

     This was the last week for a couple of missionaries in our Zone.  In our Zone Conference this week, our ZL`s challenged us to make this week the best that we have had this change, to leave the area ready for those who will be coming.  Elder Riera and I took the challenge, and I feel like we did pretty good!  

     We found a lot of new investigators, so that will make a really busy week this week with my new comp!  Also, we visited a lot of past investigators from past missionaries, and we found some success there! The thing about them  is tthat they were progressing before, but were dropped for some reason.  So we went and found some of them who seem to be ready at this moment!  Hopefully some of them will be ready to make the commitment this time around!  More than anything, we found a lot of new people that are ready to hear the Gospel!

     One of the investigators that we found last week has been making a lot of progress.  His name is Gregorio, and he is a friend of the Branch President.  We went and taught him the first lesson, and he was listening really closely!  He agreed to all the commitments that we set for him.  The next appointment that we had with him, he brought his son and his daughter to listen to us, because he thought it would be good for them to hear our message!  Wow!  How awesome is that?!?  So now we are teaching most of his family, which is awesome, because families are SO much better than just one person!!

     I have really been trying a lot harder these last couple of days to really make more of my study time, and I can see a difference that it makes!  I feel like I know a lot more of the doctrine, and the words start flowing out of my mouth a lot easier!  D&C 11:21 is an amazing scripture for that!  And I see it working in my life!

     Well, I`m a little anxious for changes.  I want to be able to start strong with my new comp, and if we do that, I know that we will be able to work hard and bring some souls unto Christ in Chinique!  The key is work, work, and more work!  I heard a saying that says "You have two years to serve a mission, and the rest of your life to think about it."  Basically, this is a one time opportunity, and I`m going to make the best of it!  

     THE CHURCH IS TRUE!  I love you all so so much, and hope the best for you guys!  Until Next Time!  

     - Elder Stuart

     P.S. Joshua 1:9, the favorite scripture of my companion!  

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