Sunday, June 23, 2013


All the birthdays in June in our Zone!  We celebrated it all in one day just to save money...  haha!  (Sorry if it´s a little blurry..)

 I was in Chichi this week for divisions, and it rained like none other!  This is my comp jumping a "river" from the street to the sidewalk that all the rain made!  It sure does rain here, that´s for sure!

 In Chichi right after the storm.

 In Paquinac again!  I decided to take another picture in the same spot for the heck of it.  And way out there is good old Chinique!  Gotta love the hike!

We walked back from Paquinac with a guy that we knew.  He went up there just to do his job...  A.K.A. killing cows!  How cool is that?  He kills cows for a living!  About 3 cows a week he says!  And he is just carrying down the skin like a boss, with blood all over his clothes!  What a guy!

 I GOT THE PACKAGE!!!  WOO HOO!!!  I´ve seriously been reading the Ensign magazines non stop this week!  Thank you so so so so much!  

A really old church in Quiché, which I thought that I would take a picture of for the first time in my 3 1/2 months here...  ;)

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