Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Big 2-0!

     Hello Family!  Well, I´m officially a lot older than I was the last time I talked to you all!  (One year...  woop dee doo..)  Haha but seriously, it was a good birthday, one that we celebrated a little bit!  

     So first things first, I´ll talk about Tuesday, or basically the best day of the year in my opinion! ;) Elder Aguilar was wondering if I just wanted to go hang out with members, beause it was my birthday, but really I just wanted to get out and work!  I wanted to say that I worked hard on my birthday, and not that I was just lazy!  Also, because I was planning to make brownies at night, so that should be enough!  But the Trujillo Family (Branch Presidents family) "surprised" me with a cake after lunch, which was awesome!  But then we went out to work.  Honestly, the day kind of sucked work wise...  Because people weren´t home, people dropped us, and the like.  But, we did get some stuff done, so that was good.  At night, we went over to the chapel to make some brownies!  THey were awesome!..  Besides the fact that I burned a part of them...  Oops!  But they were good, and that was all I wanted.  It definitely wasn´t the same as Liz´s Chocolate cake, but hey, what can you really do in Guatemala?  Make the best of it!  

     By the way, I was reading the BoM one day, and read 2 Nephi 23:12.  I realized that the prophesy had been fufilled on June 4, 1993.  Hah ;)

     We have been working a lot with Isabel this week.  She works with the Branch President´s wife, so that´s awesome, because she can always be close to a member.  We have really been focusing a lot on her, and if she can be baptized on the 22nd of June.  She even came to church this week, so that´s AWESOME!  We just need to really help her feel commited to doing it.  She has the desire, but she lacks the confidence to make her own decision.  But I´m fairly sure that she will go through with it!  And more, she has told us that she wants her 2 kids to listen to us too!  How cool is that?  So now we are working to have them all be baptized this month, so that they can do it as a family!  

     Other than that though, the week has been fairly rough with the others that we were focusing on...
     Miguel Angel, who wants to read the BoM and the Bible before being baptized, is firm in his belief...  But he says that he will come to church this week, so if he does, we are going to continue with him, but if not, he just isn´t quite prepared yet, and we will leave him for other misisonaries to get.

     Milset... Puchigas...  She is still letting her fight with a member get in the way of her salvation.  She won´t even come to church, because that would mean being in the same room as the other member...  Well, we are really focusing on having her know that one person shouldn´t get in the way of her salvation, and the opportunidad to live with her family in the Celestial Kingdom forever.  So yeah...

     We have been finding a lot of new investigators this week, which makes for a lot of work.  One was really cool, and I want to tell you all about it.  We were looking at former investigators that missionaries had visited before, and we saw a name that stood out to us.  The problem was, it only had a telephone number, not an address.  So we called the number, but the man didn´t answer, so we left a message saying we were the missionaries, and all that jazz.  Well, a few days later, we got back to our apartment, and found that we had some missed calls.  They were from the man that we tryed to call!  He said that he would love to meet with us, and as soon as possible!  Elder Aguilar and I were stunned!  That definitely doesn´t happen every day!  So we called him back, and said that we would meet with him as soon as possible!  We already met with him yesterday, taught him the Restoration, and he loved it!  I feel like he is going to progress a lot!

     One crazy thing, on Wednesday night, I was reading, and Elder Aguilar was on the phone with our District Leader.  Then all of a sudden, and man walks into our room...  uh, WHAT?  He was completely drunk, and started talking to me in English... saying that I was his friend, and I should help him out...  Well, I helped him out alright!... out of our freaking apartment!  Geez, what a joke.  I hope that just shows how crazy it is here!  Haha

     So yeah, it´s been a pretty good birthday week!  Full of stuff to do, which is just the way I like it!  Thank you all for the birthday wishes, I appreciate them all!  :) Love you all so much, and talk to you all next week!  Until Next Time!

      ¡LA IGLESIA ES VERDADERA!  (Chruch is true!)

     - Elder Stuart

     P.S.  Scripture is D+C 58:16  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so make the best of it!  Love you!

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